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A New Beginning


In June of 2011, I moved to southern Arizona. I arrived weighing in at 315 lbs, a 2 pack a day smoker and an every weekend drinker (drunk). However, within 1 month of arriving, I quit drinking and smoking and between April 1st 2012 and Oct 1st 2013 I lost 100 lbs.

Having turned my life around I have come to realize one important thing: anything is possible if you are willing to work hard and believe in yourself. With this in mind, I have set my sights on the goal of running a marathon. I was NOT a runner when I was younger. In fact the farthest I have ever ran in my life were some 5k “fun runs” while I was in the Navy. For the most part, I only ran 1.5 miles twice a year during my Navy physical readiness tests.

When people ask me why I want to run a marathon, the only response I have is, “Because I can.” For me it is all about the challenge, being able to accomplish something less than 1% of the American population has done. And of course it goes without saying that the health benefits of running are also of major importance to me as well.

I am currently at the beginning of week 3 of a 30 week marathon training plan and I will be posting about my progress, tips, tricks, general health, nutrition, observations, products and other things that I come across during my journey. So stay tuned and follow my journey all the way to the Phoenix Marathon on Feb 28th 2015…and beyond!

Smitticus Rex

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam
“I’ll either find a way or make one”