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Technology is a Fickle Mistress


GPS technology and running go hand in hand.  For years these little devices that we wear on our wrists have been able to help us figure out how fast we are going, how far we are going, and elevation changes in the road or trail we are running.  All this from a piece of equipment 12,000 miles away and traveling at over 7,000 miles an hour beaming a signal to something the size of a dollar bill, right on your wrist.   Continue reading Technology is a Fickle Mistress

My First Blog Post

cmxmanHi! This is my very first blog post ever. I am excited to share with you my experiences, pains and running/weight stresses.

A little bit about myself: I am a Marine which automatically makes me a runner right? NOT! When I was younger (<10 yrs old),  I  used to wake up early in the morning to sit at the top of the stairs, looking outside waiting for my dad to come back from his morning run. I tried to run with him maybe once or twice, and I didn’t like it. Then I joined the Marine Corps, and I did run, mostly out of obligation and just to get it over with. I went through a stage where I liked it and then that stage also disappeared.

What is different this time then? Well at this stage in my life, I feel like I NEED it, when I run it is my alone time, my thinking time 🙂 I have set milestones such as losing weight, increasing my competitiveness at work and competing and that drives me. Not only that but I have “met” a group of people who run like me and they push me to be better, I will always treasure their friendship which wouldn’t have happened if running had not brought is together… Well this is it for now, talk to you soon

A Fartlek by Any Other Name…

2014-06-04 07.54.32So, lately I have been fighting that age-old runner’s urge to run, and then walk, and then run.  I know there are people out there who advocate this as a method of running, and I am glad that it works for them, but for me it’s discouraging and not helpful.  If I am going to run…that’s what I expect to do.

Today I tried something different, and, as it turns out it’s just a modified version of something other runners have been doing for a long time – a “Fartlek”.  This is something developed by a Swedish running coach – random shifts in speed throughout a workout – not planned, like interval training, but more spontaneous.  What I did was slightly different, and yet, very much the same.

When the urge hit to walk, I did the opposite – I sped up.  Not to a sprint, but noticeably, letting myself go.  As soon as I started to tire, or my mood shifted, I eased back to my normal lunch-run pace.  Every time that walking urge returned, I lit out.

I don’t know if this is exactly a Fartlek, but here’s what happened.  By about 1.5 miles, I knew I’d better keep going or I’d hate myself. The reason?  I was really moving.  My pace increased almost dramatically overall.  By the time I hit 3.1 miles, I’d managed a 27:16 – only 9 seconds slower than my personal best (which was motivated by a young kid about to beat me).  This will bear more thinking, I know, but for now it felt great.  Finished off a very slow, almost leisurely 2.4 or so more miles… great workout.

I will call it  (instead of run /  walk)  Run / Run Faster.

It’s a thing.

What if Everyone Ran? The Mizuno Baton

mizuno Okay, I just finished a long week of running.  When I got home from a convention last week, I registered for “The Mizuno Baton,” and activated it, going for an evening run.  Over the course of the week, every time I ran, I activated the “baton” and it clocked my miles, counting down toward today.

I earned $42.92

The idea is, what if Everyone Ran? What if it could make a difference?  Mizuno is donating $1 per mile to “Back on My Feet,” an organization created to help homeless men and women and families get back on their feet… You can be a part of this.  Let your miles count.  Download the MIzuno Baton app to your iPhone or Android and get started. Find out more about the Baton at : THE MIZUNO BATON Find out more about Back on My Feet…

Mind Over Matter, Not


I run 4 miles everyday.  Not really.  I have never run 4 consecutive miles without stopping in my entire life.  In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have run 3 consecutive miles without stopping.  I did it a couple times two years ago when I was using “Couch 2 5K”.  It was hard.  And after I knew it was possible, I started convincing myself during my runs that I didn’t really need to push myself to run the whole thing anymore because I had already proven that I could do it when needed.  Here it is two years later and I still have the same mindset.  I bust out of the gate.  8:02 for the first mile.   4 minutes for the next half mile.   Eh, I think I’ll walk now.  Catch my breath for 15 or 20 seconds.  OK, I’ll run for 120 paces now.  Hmm.  I think I’ll walk now.  OK, now I am going to run to the next fire hydrant.  On and on it goes.  I have this internal struggle with myself.  And I always lose.  I am amazed that I can run 5K in under 27 minutes considering that I must walk for half a mile.  Earlier this month, I decided to up my runs to 4 miles.  I am hoping to build endurance.  But more importantly, I am hoping that by stretching to 4 miles, I will actually stretch the length of my initial run before I start walking.  No luck yet.  I still start walking somewhere between 1.5 and 1.75 miles.  It doesn’t matter what route I run.  I am not out of breath.  I am not cramping.  My mind just decides its time to walk.



My First Blog Post Ever

I am a math major and I despise exercise. Why I am blogging about running? When I figure that out, I will let you know. I joined the Navy in 1984 and did a tour in the Mediterranean. I had the pleasure of working with David Wilson, a budding novelist and fiction writer. We parted ways soon after that tour and lost contact. Through the magic of social media, we have reconnected. I saw a picture of him after he had run his 500th mile. He had lost 30 pounds and was back under 200. I haven’t been under 200 in forever. Maybe it was a sign. Maybe it was time.

That was back in May. I’ve tried to run a 5K every day since then. I don’t have any long term goals. I know the miles will pile up. The pounds will come off. The race times will decrease. But my only real goal right now is to keep running a 5K every day. I want this to become habit. I want this to be enjoyable. I want to look forward to
it. It is none of those things yet. I have to push myself every day to get out there. I haven’t felt the runner’s high yet. The only thing I feel is guilty when I miss a day. I guess that’s a start. I know me. Skipping a day is an excuse to skip two the next time. And then three. Before long, skipping days becomes the habit. I can’t let that happen. I have a good start under my belt. 230 miles in 2 and a half months. I just hope the habit or the runner’s high makes an appearance before the end of the summer.


Welcome to Badass Running

2014-08-08 17.28.37

We are a group of men and women, all ages, all walks of life, who love to run.  Some of us began running to lose weight.  Others have particular personal goals, or just love the exercise, the outdoors, the feel of the sun and the wind and the rain.  We met as part of a group challenge on Facebook and have grown into a tight community… This is where we will talk about our runs, our hopes and dreams, review products we’ve used and record the roads and miles we run.   As this site gets fleshed out, we’ll have profiles of our members with photos.  Be patient… we’d get it done faster, but most of us are out somewhere…running.