My First Blog Post Ever

I am a math major and I despise exercise. Why I am blogging about running? When I figure that out, I will let you know. I joined the Navy in 1984 and did a tour in the Mediterranean. I had the pleasure of working with David Wilson, a budding novelist and fiction writer. We parted ways soon after that tour and lost contact. Through the magic of social media, we have reconnected. I saw a picture of him after he had run his 500th mile. He had lost 30 pounds and was back under 200. I haven’t been under 200 in forever. Maybe it was a sign. Maybe it was time.

That was back in May. I’ve tried to run a 5K every day since then. I don’t have any long term goals. I know the miles will pile up. The pounds will come off. The race times will decrease. But my only real goal right now is to keep running a 5K every day. I want this to become habit. I want this to be enjoyable. I want to look forward to
it. It is none of those things yet. I have to push myself every day to get out there. I haven’t felt the runner’s high yet. The only thing I feel is guilty when I miss a day. I guess that’s a start. I know me. Skipping a day is an excuse to skip two the next time. And then three. Before long, skipping days becomes the habit. I can’t let that happen. I have a good start under my belt. 230 miles in 2 and a half months. I just hope the habit or the runner’s high makes an appearance before the end of the summer.


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  1. See, but you ARE feeling it. The first stage of what I can oly term as a sort of addiction is not that you feel good when you are running, but that you feel BAD if you don’t. Before long, it becomes a thing that can disrupt your whole day… You can ask others in the group. Trish will sometimes look at me and just burst out GO…Go run. Go now.

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