The Nutribullet – A Review

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For Father’s Day this year, I got a Nutribullet blender.  It was one of the things I most wanted, so I went in with high expectations.  This is an unbiased review.  I’ve been using this appliance for a while now – heavy use – and I have good, and bad to say.

First off, my daily meals include two smoothies from this machine almost daily.  Sometimes on the weekend I only end up with one, but I take two to work with me.  One is usually all fruit, with spinach or greens packed in.  The other is often tomatoes, garlic, and things that make a V-8 like concoction.  Also with greens.  The smoothies – I love.  They have enhanced and improved my diet, and my daily health.  They have helped me continue my weight loss.  All of this is good.  Almost anything with enough fruit, or a spoon of honey, tastes good.

The downside.  Within a couple of weeks we started having problems getting the machine to shut off.  The switches stick.  I have been able to overcome this by being patient, whacking the side of it, and not removing the cup from the top until it stops, but this is (apparently) a fairly common thing.  There are some issues.  Still, it’s proven to me that the fruit or vegetable smoothie is a perfectly good way to substitute a meal and get all the vitamins and benefits of a full meal…

I give this a 4 of 5 stars, with the caveat that you may have to be willing to deal with a few mechanical issues… I would not go back to the diet I had before… so I count this machine as an asset and a friend.


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  1. At least one meal a day for me is mostly a smoothie of fruit and spinach or kale. They are good (green, but good) and the are also pretty filling. My normal day I take two smoothies and protien/fiber bars for the day – maybe a snadwich with flat bread… trying to keep my daily calories way down until dinner, where we eat what we want – just not huge portions.

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