Runner’s High, Batteries Low



I did my daily run after dinner this evening. I probably didn’t wait long enough for the food to digest because I was huffing and puffing after 1/2 a mile. But I got control of my breath by the end of the first mile. As I was finishing my normal 4 mile route, I realized I was not out of breath and I was neither sore nor bored. So I kept going for another loop. Mind you I have never run more than 4 miles in my life and I only accomplished that feat last week. As I was closing in on 6 miles, I realized I was almost at 10K distance and still under 1 hour, so I picked up the pace and watched MapMyRun tick off 6.2 miles at 59 minutes and change, I started laughing out loud. I told myself “Keep Going!!” and I did – for about another couple minutes when I realized, this is nuts. Why ruin a good thing with an injury? So I hit pause on my app and admired my time. I kept it on pause so I could listen to music while I walked my cool down route. Half way through the cool down my phone battery starts dying and my app disappears. That’s when I realized, I never uploaded my run to MapMyRun. I was afraid I was going to lose proof of my best ever day of running. So I started SPRINTING home to get my charger. I was flying!! It felt effortless. For the first time in my life, I experienced a runner’s high. What will my legs feel like tomorrow?


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