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Badass Runner Profile: Thomas Gouard

11079373_10155419887330164_4089808343590126380_nName: Thomas Gouard

Home State: Illinois

BAR: When (and why)did you start running?

TG: I started running back in 2007. I read an article on Dean Karnazes. His 50 Marathons in 50 States inspired me to do my first marathon. Training for my first marathon, I fell in love with the environment and kept returning. Running got me off of base, and sometimes outside of the city and state I lived in.


BAR: Why do you run now? What motivates you?

I run now, because it’s a major part of my life. It also keeps me happy, my stress level down, and mind clear. What keeps me motivated is reading inspiring stories of runners, staying involved in the community as far as volunteering, and being around runners.

Longest race: Hilo To Volcano Ultramarathon 31 Miles

Hardest course: Golden Gate Headlands Marathon


Hardest race for you: Hardest race for me was 2012 Kona Marathon. It was one of my worst races, and one that I will never do again. My training wasn’t good, and the heat fried me, which started cramps. Loved Kona, Hawaii, but not the race.

Most Memorable Race (and why): My most memorable race was the 2013 Chicago Lakefront 10 Miler. It was the most memorable because I broke down, after setting a PR (1:04). I jumped up and down, after crossing the finish line. I set the right pacing at mile 8, and broke a PR, that had stood for over 4 years. The race, shirt, and medal mean a lot, and will help me remember that great experience. It also started a trend of me setting new PR’s.

Favorite race (location / dates in case people would like to try it): My favorite race is Great Aloha Run. It’s only an 8.15 mile run, and located in Honolulu, Hawaii. The race falls on Presidents Day morning.


BAR: What are your favorite and least favorite distances, and why?

TG: I’d have to say my favorite distances are 5k’s, because they are easier to train for. I’ve never suffered during a 5k. My least favorite would have to be a marathon, due to the time spent training for it. I’ve completed 16, and all of them I’ve dreaded the work I needed to get ready.

BAR: You and Chloe Jane often run the same races. What is it like to have a running partner so close in other ways? Are you competitive, or just supportive?

BAR: Both? It’s great! We do a lot together, outside of running races. We bike a lot, and sometimes hike. We are both competitive at running races, and also supportive, when the other isn’t doing the race.


PRS at whatever distances you want to share: 2013 Ryan’s Light 5k (17:42), 2013 Windward Half Marathon (1:24), 2013 Lakefront 10 Mile (1:04), and 2013 Malibu Marathon (3:12). I loved these races, and all were PR’s.

BAR: I see you post some military races – what service are you in, for how long – any running memories associated with that?

TG: I’m recently separated from the Marine Corps. I served 12 years there, and it has made me who I am today. My old commanding officer use to have us run the Swamp Romp, prior to the actual event, to test the course. If you’re ever in Kaneohe, Hawaii, during February, you should sign up for it. We’ve had many great memories testing the course out.

BAR: You run in a lot of races and a lot of places, but most often we see you in Hawaii –anything special about running there that you’d like to share?

TG: I met my Chloe J in Hawaii : ). Also the running community is very strong, and tight. In my many years of running, I’ve never seen any tighter. Hawaii has many places to run. A few of my favorite places were Chinatown, Ala Moana, and Kakaako Waterfront. I never understood why people ran indoors on treadmills, while living in Hawaii. Get out, and enjoy the beauty. Also, there’s never a dull moment there.


BAR: What are your bucketlist goals as a runner, this year and beyond?

TG: I would like to run competitively until I turn 40, and then slow it down a bit. Until then, I want to continue to travel, and set new PR’s. As for races, I’d like to do Berlin Marathon at some point.

BAR: Do you have a favorite pair of shoes, or brand of shoes?

TG: I’m in love of Skechers GoRun Ride. I have every version of them. : )

BAR: Is there any other gear you consider essential? Do you recommend one over another? Are there brands / items you’d like to try?

TG: I’d like to try Newtons. I hear a lot about them, but haven’t invested in a pair yet.

BAR: What apps / GPS equipment do you use? Are there others you’d like to try?10404201_10155383027255164_3201184437225957913_n

TG: I use Charity Miles! My miles are calculated into money, and given to Charity. I also use a Garmin 310. I love the basic Garmin watches with none of that fancy touch screen stuff.

BAR: Any advice for runners trying to catch up and keep up?

TG: Cross train!!!!!!!! Bike, Stair repeats, Hill repeats, and Aqua Run. Do little but up your resistance. Why run a hill or stair, when you can walk it and get a better quality workout, and avoid possibly injuring yourself.